For a number of years Doris has been working with and connecting Business Owners; Investors; Innovators; International Organisations and Government Departments.

She has built a very successful career from originally in Hotel Management to Co- Founder of 4 Businesses. She takes pride in moving ideas to profitable results.

Her projects include Food Production; Herbal Nutrition ; Digital Marketing; E-Commerce; Web Development etc.

She is a Business Growth Strategist and Co-Founder of a number of Businesses such as Tech Marketing Edge (Ireland); Invest Lofts (Ireland) ; Mumbe Property Ventures (Zambia) ; ECOM-247 (Ireland).

She has made significant contributions and is closely involved with USA Investors Network; Irish Business Network; Zambian Business Network and well as other International Business Networks.

Her expertise has been very helpful and profitable for Business Owners; Innovators; Investors; Entrepreneurs ; and Government Ministries.

She holds a Hotel Management Diploma; Business Marketing Degree and Digital Marketing Diploma among other qualifications.

doris murphy