EC Funding, German Trade and Partnership Development

Furio, an Italian national, currently resides in Germany, but has lived and worked across Europe, particularly in Italy and Belgium liaising closely with the European Commission.


He is an International/Global partnerships specialist helping diverse businesses and non-profits deliver high quality services to major funding institutions and donors worldwide.

Since 2008 specifically he’s developed, managed, monitored and evaluated hundreds of projects and programmes, building a strong network of relationships with experts, companies and public institutions on five continents.

This has also included working with Irish companies in consortia he led, developed and managed. He has also presented at previous ConsultingIreland events in Dublin.

He’s been awarded and successfully executed more than 70 contracts for interventions in various sectors including sustainable tourism, transport and infrastructure, environment and climate change, entrepreneurship, civil society and media freedom, gender equality, good governance and justice.

A trained political scientist, Furio’s working languages are English, French and Italian.

He also speaks German and Spanish.