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About Us

ConsultingIreland (CI) is a Business Association established in late 2010, whose objective is to help Irish organisations win a greater slice of the public procurement business in Europe and also in emerging markets – funded by the major IFIs such as the EC, EIB, EBRD, UN, World Bank and regional funders like the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and Islamic Development Bank. Ireland has traditionally ignored these trade-related or ‘commercial’ markets, preferring to concentrate on the smaller R&D opportunities such as EC funded projects under Horizon 2020.

ConsultingIreland is targeting a wider cross-section of businesses, entities and global opportunities. The opportunities are relevant to both large and small indigenous organisations, public or private, NGOs and Multinationals across all key sectors.

The Association provides practical support and this includes tracking projects across all the key sectors and establishing several Clusters/Tender Teams to bid on the identified opportunities.

More recently, ConsultingIreland has now extended that focus to include national funded opportunities and cross-border tendering within the EC 28 States and is working closely with other Regional Governments, State Agencies and Business Associations from partner countries involved in the programme.

In targeting these international opportunities, ConsultingIreland has established long-term co-operation agreements with other State Agencies, Chambers and Business Associations in France, Spain, Italy, Norway, and Hungary that enables the development of international consortia and identification of partners that will facilitate linguistic and cultural synergies for overseas projects in the likes of South America or French-speaking territories. We are actively seeking to expand that international co-operation to facilitate a great global reach for our members.

CI interacts with Irish Government Departments and Agencies as well as the NGO sector and R&D networks in Ireland. There is also a strong emphasis on promoting co-operation with organisations in Northern Ireland and NI Agencies. ConsultingIreland has presented at several international IFI seminars and to other foreign governments and business associations. The association has run many B2B events between Irish and foreign companies, run cluster training and mentoring programmes and hosted seminars throughout Ireland for organisations interested in doing business in these new and emerging markets.

Our Mission

ConsultingIreland’s mission is to provide practical support to organisations based in Ireland in targeting and developing Market Entry Strategy for International and Emerging markets. Much of this work is with the IFIs and the various National Governments Public Sector Procurement projects and will give an early indication of ‘downstream’ private sector opportunities in targeted markets.

ConsultingIreland’s key objectives include ensuring Ireland regains its status as a leading player and increases its share of the ever-increasing opportunities available in these markets, and that members increase their volume of overseas business in extended global markets and thus contribute to all sectors of the Irish economy. The key measure of success will be the level of business created from the profiling of members expertise and the fostering of collaboration between members.

The initiative is a determined attempt to provide the initial direction, support and advice both to companies and organisations wishing to enter these markets for the first time and to established players.

ConsultingIreland will commence our latest training programme this autumn.

For more details please contact us at info@consultingireland.org, call +353 87 235 7095

Our Team

Seamus McCann is Director and owner of ASTEC Global and the current
Cliff Anderson is Tender Director for ConsultingIreland. Cliff has over 30 years
Thomas Martin is Partner Liaison Director for ConsultingIreland. Thomas has extensive experience

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