International Trade

Almaz is a results-driven and multilingual professional with extensive expertise in delivering excellent performances in senior management positions within various industries. Also, a serial Entrepreneur / who has set up and run a Consultancy company in Central Asia and the Republic of Ireland; Trade; Recruitment; Technology; Education; Construction, and FMCG sectors. Has worked and continues to do business in the Republic of Ireland, and Central Asia. Applies a logical and analytical approach to resolving complex operational problems and issues. Thrives in high-pressurized environments and manages a productive team that consistently meets and exceeds demanding KPIs. Possessing exhaustive knowledge of Continental Europe, UK, Ireland, Central Asia, and the Middle East. in addition to legislative requirements for establishing businesses in these regions. Employs a flexible professional nature which allows for the production of exceptional results across a wide variety of environments. Regularly assisted private companies (business diagnostics, project management, development of business plans for financing)

• Worked with international clients on several projects, met their expectations, and increased the revenue

• Supervised the professional development of the teams in Central Asia/ Middle East providing them with extensive coaching and mentoring;

• Applied excellent communication skills to establish and develop professional relationships with government, commercial, and professional partners in Ireland and abroad;

• Demonstrated flexible professional character, strengthening strategic relations with Central Asian companies, effectively negotiating profitable supply contracts; Black Belt Holder, Taekwondo Federation (Ireland 2009)

Almaz is fluent in Russian and Central Asian languages

holds an MBA from Wales University