seamus mccannSeamus McCann


Seamus McCann is Director and owner of ASTEC Global and the current Chairman of ConsultingIreland.

He has over 30 years’ experience working with the major international funders such as the EC and World Bank.
ConsultingIreland is an initiative to help Irish organisations win a greater share of this funded business.
Seamus is an accountant and has previously worked in various State organisation such as ESB, Eircom and Teagasc.

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Brian MurphyBrian Murphy


Very experienced and highly regarded practical and pragmatic Senior Banker / Business Owner / Advisor who has a vast Network of a diverse range of National and International Business Contacts spanning all Continents.

Effectively sets up and manages the business relationship between Irish / UK / European businesses and International Manufacturing / Services partners, and Trade Bodies. Works closely with domestic companies to maximise their potential Internationally from new markets to raising Equity / Finance.

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Thomas MartinThomas Martin


Thomas has over 20 years international professional experience in various public and private sectors.

Thomas has strong experience working and managing international projects funded by major financial institutions (European Commission, World Bank, United Nations, Inter-American Development Bank, etc.) along with national and regional governments across the world.

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Doris MurphyDoris Jumbe Murphy (Zambia)


Originally from Zambia Doris has been living and working in Ireland (Cork) for over 20 years.

Originally a Hotelier she works as a business strategist helping Irish and International businesses / organisations increase market share and profitability through acquisitions ; strategic relationships; and Marketing.

Doris has with businesses organisations from a wide and diverse number of countries such as : Ireland; UK; USA; Zambia; Kenya; Ghana; Uganda; Zimbabwe; Ethiopia; Malawi etc.

She has developed a vast network of Business Owners; Entrepreneurs; Investors from across the Globe.

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gary cliffordGary Clifford (UK)


A leading modernisation and institutional capacity building and public procurement expert, Gary has over 15 years experience major projects in Training ; Economic Development; Change Management; Professional Consultancy and Innovative Research Projects for Leading National and International Government Bodies ; Universities and Business Development Agencies.
He has lead and worked on a wide range of projects in countries such as Afghanistan; Japan; Norway; Serbia; Chile; Columbia and Vietnam etc. Projects included Strategic Direction; Complex Funding; Building efficiencies; Training etc etc.

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paul daltonPaul Dalton


Formerly a School Principal, Paul has built a vast network of International Contacts in both the Diplomatic and Education fields.

He has travelled extensively to a wide range of countries/regions including Europe, India, North America, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Pakistan, North African countries and Middle Eastern countries – UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar, . He also was involved with the School of International Relationship at Tehran in partnering with a Professor of International Relations at a London University.

He has built a vast and diverse international contact base of Foreign Embassies and Educational Institutions.
Paul liaises directly with staff in Foreign Embassies including Ambassadors, which has enabled Consulting Ireland in helping, promoting and supporting Irish SMEs via Training Programmes in relation to International Financial Institutions such as the EEC Bank, World Bank, The African Development Bank.

Marie McCreaMarie McCrea (South Africa)


Marie is an international consultant and facilitator with over 30 years, experience. She has a unique set of competencies and experiences combining the needs of an organisation for results, measurement and returns on investment with individual and larger organisation dynamics and behaviours. She has an extensive network. She is known for developing and sourcing quality resources with her clients. She focuses on building trusted, collaborative, sustainable relationships. Marie is currently supporting and developing capacity with community, national and international organisations involved in integrated human development and sustainable societal change.

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Mbemba Jabbi Mbemba Jabbi (Gambia)


Mbemba, originally from the Gambia and now a dual citizen of Ireland and the Gambia, has worked to foster good relations between both Ireland and the Gambia and indeed Europe and Africa. He is a keen advocate and supporter of Irish - and European - Companies seeking to explore opportunities and develop business in Africa.

As the Managing Director of Jabbi Group he is developing trade between Ireland and Gambia and promoting business between Africa and a wider Europe.

Mbemba set up the Africa Centre Ireland development education programme in 2007 – an initiative that was supported by the Irish Government, through Irish Aid. He is currently the Executive Director of the organisation since 2017. Has also worked with various NGOs.

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richie smithRichie Smith


A seasoned business development expert with an extensive track record in blue chip organisations like Bank of Ireland, Experian and Hays Recruitment.

Richie is also a member of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and was SME sub-committee Chair during the formative years of the Chamber.

More recently Richie has worked in the world of managing tax and payroll for international contractors via a London company and subsequently in 2020 with the onset of COVID, set up his own company offering Business Development services.

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Sai PrakashSai Prakash (India)


Sai is a highly experienced expert in Industry particularly in India but is widely travelled and a keen understanding of International Business both in the Private and Public Sectors. He has excellent connectivity to Industry in the sub-continent and to senior levels in the Indian Government.

He was a coordinator for the Diaspora cell of the Government of India and has organised industry events and overseas delegations – including agricultural and logistic - to Europe, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Locally he has been advisor for Industrial Development Agencies and MSMEs in Bangalore Urban and Karnataka State in India.

Sai has previously worked closely with Irish Companies for many years and helped organised Trade Missions undertaken by Enterprise Ireland and Irish Government to the sub-continent.

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Kate LinKate Lin (Taiwan)


Kate is a highly experienced and skilled Global Trade facilitator and fulfilment expert. She is a Senior Manager of Pacific Exports International Ltd (PEI) based in Taiwan who have manufacturing bases / Partner Companies in Taiwan; China; Vietnam; Thailand; Malaysia etc. Pacific Exports manufacture mainly in Personal Care; Health Care; while organising the manufacture and supply of a host of other products eg. Sports Wear; Eyewear; Face / Hand Body Protection (PPE).

Kate’s key attributes include the ability to build and manage long term relationships with her customers / partners all over the world and provides a top-class service to all her customers.

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Milan Visinski Milan Visinski (Slovenia)


Milan has more than 40 years working mainly engaged in ITC Business Development and Sales in the Public Sector. He was one of the first successful Slovenian private Entrepreneurs and one of the Internet pioneers in his country through his own company KIVI d.o.o which was established in 1989.

Milan is a Slovenian National now living between Slovenia and Belgrade, Serbia. He continues to work as an advisor and consultant representing businesses in Slovenia; Croatia; Serbia; Kosovo; Macedonia and other Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries.

He has extensive contacts within the various Ministries and key regional private companies along with in-depth knowledge of EC and other IFI funding activities.

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Mark Rodgers


Mark Rodgers is one of the founding members of ConsultingIreland and he's a highly experienced International Consultant who has been involved with Consulting Ireland from the very beginning.

He has extensive experience working overseas, having spent over seven years working for the Mitsubishi Group in Japan in the late 80s. He set up his own translation and localization business – which worked with Irish, particularly Enterprise Ireland client companies, helping them gain international traction online.

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furio sancilioFurio Sancilio (Germany)


Furio, an Italian national, currently resides in Germany, but has lived and worked across Europe, particularly in Italy and Belgium liaising closely with the European Commission.

He is an International/Global partnerships specialist helping diverse businesses and non-profits deliver high quality services to major funding institutions and donors worldwide.

Since 2008 specifically he's developed, managed, monitored and evaluated hundreds of projects and programmes, building a strong network of relationships with experts, companies and public institutions on five continents.

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Marco MeloroMarco Meloro (Italy)


Marco, an Italian National, has more than 20 years professional experience, working in both the public and private sectors in Italy and helping develop international global trade markets for his clients. He works closely with Italian SMEs throughout major regional centres e.g. Rome, Naples, Milan and Bologna.

He continues to manage International co-operation projects across key sectors such as Agri-Food, ICT, Trade, Energy, Healthcare etc, organising Trade Missions and Exhibitions abroad, sponsored and promoted by (a) the Italian Government, (b) various regional Italian Chambers of Commerce and (c) Private Industry.

He is currently engaged as a Senior Advisor in a large public sector project aimed at encouraging the use of online digital export technology among Italian SMEs.

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Kieron KavanaghKieron Kavanagh


Kieron has almost 40 years’ experience in operations and financial management, almost 30 of these in the IT Industry. He has also worked extensively in the Food Industry.

He was involved in establishing and early stages of Green Isle Foods – in the Finance and Sales Divisions. Later he ran his own Printer Sales business – and was a sponsor at the 2006 Ryder Cup. He has worked strategically with Enterprise Ireland and other institutions to enable businesses to develop, market and fund their commercial ambitions.

Also involved in Mergers and acquisitions, Strategic Planning and Sales. Kieron is currently COO and CFO of a global software business.

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hugh loughlinHugh Loughlin


Hugh has an early background in Telecommunications but has operated in the field of International Commerce, specifically Japan since 1980. Over the years he has worked on a cross-section of fields to include telecoms, IT, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace and Renewable Energy.

During the early 1990s he was retained by the Northern Ireland Development Board For a two-year period, on the promotion of business between Northern Ireland and Japan.

Also, during the late 1990s he was retained by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries [MHI] on the development of Joint Ventures in the Scotland, Northern Ireland and Bulgaria. Hugh also worked with MHI in the USA during the 2000s where he developed a network of clients for their Wind Turbines.

For the period 2005 to 2012 Hugh was Director, Japan, for the Asia Trade Forum. Hugh is focussed on facilitating Inward Investment from Japanese / Asian Funds in the Renewable Energy Sector, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Food and Acquisitions.

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Mark ErnestMark Ernest (St Lucia)


Mark Ernest is a Caribbean-based consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the planning, assessment, implementation, training, and management of Digital Technology projects.

He is presently working with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

His areas of expertise and specialities are in ICT System Assessment, Monitoring and evaluation; ICT Capacity and Implementation; Digital Technology Training; Information Systems Design and Implementation; ICT Project Planning, Implementation and Management; along with extensive experience in Policy and Strategy in the Education, Judicial and IT/IT–Enabled Services (ITES) Sectors within OECS countries.

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Mark ErnestMichael G Hanna (Northern Ireland)


Living in Northern Ireland, Michael has over 30 years Lean Operations and International Economic Development expertise.

Experienced in working in challenging environments eg. Central Europe, Baltic States, Turkey, Uganda, Malawi as well as Ireland and UK in a post Brexit era.

He has championed and established revolutionary RMIP concept: off-grid Rural Microgeneration Industrial Parks in the resource rich, but power deserts of rural Africa. ring Has secured funding packages from basket of African Development Bank(AfDB) low interest Green Loans plus grants from Power Africa, DFID (UK) and NEFCO (Nordic Council) donors.

Experienced in food processing, fabrication, heavy manufacturing, OSC/POD construction, renewables, to project management.

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Kraken YuKraken Yu (China)


Kraken is a Seasoned Entrepreneur in technology and commerce, bridging the technical and business worlds, from West to East.

He has worked across Europe and various Asian countries - Japan, Singapore as well as various cities in China such as Hong Kong, Nanjing, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Kraken has helped organised high level Trade mission to Europe from a number of Chinese Provinces and maintains close relationships with his various business contacts throughout Europe.

He is a serving mentor for Enterprise Ireland, as well as a Founding Council Member of Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum in conjunction with the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region), and HKTDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council) and established by the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Kraken is also a former Director of the Asia Trade Forum established by the Irish Exporters Association.

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Nada KanjNada Kanj (Lebanon)


Nada is a Lebanese national born in West Africa where she lived for 11 years before moving and living in Lebanon for 20 years.

In Lebanon she worked as English Department coordinator in universities and language institutes for ten years. In Ireland she worked as language instructor at the Defence Forces and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Held a ten-year position as Academic Advisor, liaising between embassies, Foreign Ministries of Higher Education and Irish Academic institutions.

She worked as project coordinator for a Bit-coin pilot study prepared in Ireland and carried out in Lebanon, a study aimed at gauging the possibility of using cryptocurrency in charitable institutions and NGO’s for administering of aid.

In recent years Nada has been working as media operations agent, monitoring social media platforms and managing data and content review.

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Peter JacksonPeter Jackson


Peter has worked for 30 years with one of the World's leading Industrial Development Agencies, Enterprise Ireland, in the formation of strategies and programs both at a sectorial and individual company level to grow the capability of Irish SMEs and increase their international competitiveness . Working within Enterprise Ireland, which has 3,500 SME clients, his experience was focussed on devising comprehensive programs in management, finance, strategy and export marketing, and providing services and mentoring in these areas to companies on an individual basis. With these skills he has worked across a wide range of sectors in particular Food, Construction and Engineering. In Food he was involved in managing a sectoral strategy to rationalize and restructure the Irish Beef Industry. He has been involved in designing world class development programs and related management tools to promote Ireland’s rapid industrial growth which with adaptation has a wide application to SME and industrial development policies in other countries.

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Philip HarePhilip Hare (Australia)


Philip is a director of Strategy Australia Pty Ltd, a specialist business services consultancy providing action-oriented, hands-on consulting services to trade and economic development agencies, corporates, technology companies, investment groups, government agencies, and government business enterprises (GBEs).

He has assisted clients with their business expansion plans for more than 30 years, providing a range of specialist services to international and domestic clients. Including discovery research, market sector reviews, reseller and distribution channel identification, and recruitment.

Philip specialises in working with organisations that manufacture engineered products or solutions. The benefits of this are that he understands clients’ business objectives quicker and can determine the demand for products and services quickly.

Sector experience includes: manufacturing, healthcare, software, energy, renewables, robotics, engineering, construction, waste management and more.

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Matías Bolis WilsonMatías Bolis Wilson (Argentina)


Matías resides in Argentina but has worked internationally where he has completed projects in USA, UK and Spain.

An Economist he has extensive experience in the local and international financial markets and in research, balancing a technical profile with institutional relations and media exposure.

Matias is presently Chief Economist with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services. He is the current Argentinian Private Sector Liaison (PSLO) representative to the World Bank as well as a researcher and professor at CAECE University, in Buenos Aires.

He has worked for more than 15 years for International Financial Institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Bank Boston and Lloyds TSB.

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Amber MackerethAmber Mackereth (Canada)


Amber Mackereth is an international business development consultant with considerable experience supporting companies in the pursuit of international opportunities, including those generated by the International Financial Institutions (IFIs). She provides strategic advice and training to firms, industry associations and government; undertakes research and analysis; and, provides business matchmaking services for international trade missions, including missions to the IFIs and many borrowing member countries. She has spent time and maintains networks at all the IFIs and is intimately familiar with the operations and procurement of the IFIs and the success factors for winning IFI-financed contracts.

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Zainab Husseini AkwangaZainab Husseini Akwanga (Nigeria)


Zainab is an entrepreneur and business development consultant with a broad range of skills and experience.

She has an extensive international experience in business development, market-entry, and community development. She plays a leading role in developing and leading businesses and investors on business opportunities in the Nigerian market.

Also consults and advises African governments and private sector clients on business partnerships and investment opportunities outside Nigeria.

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Soonjoo KwonSoonjoo Kwon (South Korea)


Soonjoo is a Korean National based in Ireland for thirteen years - who along with her sister based in Korea - own and manage an international education consultancy company. This involves liaising daily between Irish third-level educational instructions and Korean clients.

Soonjoo has vast and up-to-date knowledge of the educational systems in both Korea and Ireland.

She has a vast network among Koreans in Ireland and strong connections in Korea. She is key to promoting study in Irish Colleges for foreign and in particular Korean / Asian students.

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Ioannis KatakisIoannis Katakis (Greece)


Ioannis is a Global Business Consultant with 25 years’ commercial, strategy, business, technical, negotiation and operational experience in engineering related business.

Has established JV/SVC/Startup companies, managed their P&L and grown their business internationally. He has implemented complex multimillion Euro technology-led projects of managed services both for the private and public sectors by employing, establishing, leading, mentoring and developing multicultural and multifunctional workforces globally.

He has considerable experience in International Tendering and Bidding processes and has submitted viable complex IT/Engineering/Service/Product project proposals. He also implemented these successfully giving profitable results and further new business potential, satisfying both customers and stakeholders.

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Sinead LonerganSinead Lonergan (France)


Sinead has over twenty years’ experience working directly with companies to plan and implement their export sales plans. She has worked as an export promotion advisor (in the US) and more recently as country manager (in France) for the Irish government agency Enterprise Ireland.

Sinead has an extensive track record in planning and delivering export promotion events including Presidential and Ministerial-led trade missions on behalf of the Irish government.

Sinead presently works for Governments, business leaders and entrepreneurs tasked with re-inventing their strategies and operations, bringing together the ideas, the resources and the talent necessary to materialise actual growth.

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John CollinsJohn Collins


John has a track record in successfully building, leading and realising return for internationally scaling companies. He founded and led 2 Irish Technology Solution companies to corporate sale and he has also participated, at executive and non-executive Board level, in other companies’ growth and liquidity events, including fundraising at seed and post-seed stages, facilitating merger and acquisition execution, on both buy and sell sides.

John particularly enjoys working 1-1 with Founder / Shareholder Executives to underwrite their enterprise planning and execution, broaden their network and provide them with his personal experience of organizational growth.

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Noel QuinnNoel Quinn


Noel is a serial Entrepreneur / Mentor who has set up and runs companies in the Property; Construction; Technology; Coaching and Training sectors. Has worked and continues to do business in Ireland; UK and Russia.

He encourages companies / individuals helping them deal with the various challenges that face them on a day-to-day basis.

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Abid IsmaeelAbid Ismaeel


Abid is a highly skilled and experienced Digital Project Management Professional. He works with leading Multinational Technology businesses, along with his own company H53 and travels extensively to provide modern technological services and solutions.

His future-ready solutions enable organisations to create, optimise, and manage business efficiencies that add to their toplines - from payroll to workforce management software, helping them accomplish more, with stellar outcomes.

He understands the absolute necessity of maintaining up to date knowledge of the constantly evolving technology landscape.

Abid is also a very astute business professional who understands both the Financial and Technological sides of a business.

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Edmund Doyle KellyEdmund Doyle Kelly


Ed is a highly experienced and successful Finance and Business Professional, with over 30 years of Senior Management experience.

He had, and continues to have a wide number of diverse roles in the Financial Services Industry such as a partner in a larger Business Finance / Asset Finance Company based in the UK; Consultant in a Life and Pensions Brokerage based in Dublin and Director of an Energy technology Company based in Dublin.

He is a serial networker who has a significant high profile connections and confidants in Ireland; UK; USA; Africa; Europe, who regularly seek his counsel.

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Mark SherryMark Sherry


Finance professional with many years’ experience at senior executive level with financial, company secretarial and general management responsibilities. Expertise spans finance, Governance, ICT, human resources and administrative functions. Responsible for developing key collaborations and delivering on operational, financial and strategic objectives. Responsible for fund raising, capital expenditure and building programmes. Previously managed portfolio of EU funded research projects and other initiatives.

Former Honorary Consul for Mongolia in Ireland – retired from this post in 2019.

Currently employed as Head of Finance and Procurement Services with the National Museum of Ireland – State Body located across 5 sites. Joined in September 2019.

Previous employers include C.A.S.P – Section 38 HSE Funded Addiction Service – 2017 to 2019 and The Irish Equine Centre from 1987- 2017 as Head of Finance & Administration.

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Madjid BouzarMadjid Bouzar


Madjid, an Algerian native is a Professor at Strasbourg University International Relations; Associate Professor at the school of Management at the Algerian Business School among others.

He is an acclaimed expert in helping International Organisations prepare for and expand their businesses particularly in Algeria, French speaking Africa and France.

Has developed several Higher Education Courses at Strasbourg University including Masters in ‘Economic Intelligence and management of international development’ ; ‘Cluster and territorial management’; ‘Project Management cooperation of the European Union’.

Madjid has worked on behalf of International organisations in West Africa for over 30 years helping them expand into that region. He is a Senior International expert in and teaches International Relations, International Economic Relations, Geopolitics, Economic Intelligence, European Institutions and cooperation between the European Union and developing third countries. Areas of influence and expertise are: cooperation and development / strategic management through economic intelligence and monitoring / knowledge management / cluster management / entrepreneurship / development of business incubators and start-ups / communication and marketing / European Union.

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Pusetso BorothoPusetso Borotho (Lesotho)

Pusetso Borotho is a former Diplomat, and an enthusiastic professional entrepreneur. After completion of his assignment, he established a new company in the Republic of South Africa called Great Minds Africa, focused on introducing new products to the African market from abroad. He is the former Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in Dublin, Ireland. He was assisted the Head of Mission in delivering his mandate in the countries of accreditation namely Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden & Norway. He represented the Kingdom of Lesotho exceptionally and had a cordial rapport with different Missions stationed in Dublin. He served in the African Deputy Heads of Mission Forum as deputy Dean and coordinated all meeting played a key role in the Ireland Africa relations.

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Abdull AliAbdull Ali

Abdull Ali is accomplished international business professional with extensive 20 years’ experience in sales and business development, delivering market intelligence, building a strong professional network of influencers and decision makers, and increasing sales of technology products and solutions. He has a proven track record of successful project management, providing strategic advice and building business growth in the Middle East and Africa, identifying new business opportunities, formulating growth strategies, and leading multi-stream transformation projects to enhance efficiency. Adept at translating business problems into solution requirements and map it to available technology. Demonstrated advanced communication skills combined with the ability to build robust relationship and synergy across business to drive positive changes, revenue, and profit growth

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Derek ScottDerek Scott

Derek has over thirty years’ experience as a senior manager in the policing and justice sector in Northern Ireland. His extensive experience includes developing and delivering strategies to combat all aspects of criminality in the most challenging of policing environments, playing significant roles in major events such as the G8 Summit and leading on complex and high profile cross border investigations.

Derek has a wide network of contacts within policing, the security industry, forensic specialists, Public Protection, DVI in both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. His contacts and experience also extend to working with all levels of political activity in Northern Ireland and government departments in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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Toni Rusomarovski Toni Rusomarovski (Balkans & Middle East)


Toni is highly accomplished, results-driven Senior Professional with executive management experience and background in business consulting, products & solutions development, implementation and management of technology.

His 30+ years of experience have been gained primarily in the Balkans and the Middle East, mostly in the sectors of Telecoms/Service Providers, Critical Infrastructure and Government entities.

Toni has current technical knowledge and expertise in telecommunications and IP networking technologies. He is adept at developing technology solutions, taking into account business and technical requirements, product trends and competitive positioning, product evolution and cost economics. Toni is competent in providing business and technical consultation to executive staffs to keep them advised on the evolution of markets, technology and services. He is issues and solution oriented, dynamic and enthusiastic.

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Damien Malone Damien Malone


Damien Malone, Founder and Managing Partner of Malone & Co. has over 20 years’ experience in working with international businesses and investors operating in Ireland. His main areas of expertise include taxation, statutory audit, outsourced accounting, payroll and financial management services, corporate finance and business consultancy.

He works with clients across many diverse sectors including manufacturing, ecommerce, construction, property, technology, not-for-profit, retail, hospitality and professional services. He holds an Honours Degree in Business & Accountancy and is a Fellow of both the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Institute of Taxation in Ireland. Among his other business and commercial interests, he is the Chairman of the Damone Investment Group and has spoken at numerous events on various tax and financial matters including delivering business and taxation seminars for Irish state enterprise bodies.

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Michael HeaneyMichael Heaney


Michael Heaney (Micheál Ó hÉanaigh) has extensive experience in and has operated in leadership and senior management roles in the statutory, local government, local development, and community and cultural sectors.

Most recently, Michael completed a term as CEO of Údarás na Gaeltachta, the Irish state agency with responsibility for the economic, social and cultural development of Ireland’s Irish-speaking regions. Prior to that, Michael spent sixteen years as Director of Planning, Economic Development, Cultural Services and Community Services with Donegal County Council. He has extensive experience in regional development (including cross-border and transnational projects), strategic planning, project implementation, enterprise and inward investment, capacity-building, sustainability, and in the community, cultural and arts sectors. He has been responsible for planning for, and implementation of, a range of strategic projects in sectors such as the green economy, the blue economy, the creative economy, tourism and diaspora engagement. At present, Michael holds the position of Vice-President of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), with specific responsibility for tourism, culture and youth.

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Mario LandMario Land


Haitian of origin, Mario has been working and evolving for more than 15 years in the Spanish national health system after finishing the master's degrees and medical specialties. Based in Andalusia, Spain, Mario works in the Andalusian health system not only as a family doctor, emergency doctor, but also has his own private practice where he cares with compassion for diseases difficult to treat with conventional medicine such as fibromyalgia. , migraine, painful neuropathies, chronic pain, etc…

Mario holds a Master Degree in International Public Health, a Master Degree in Emergency, and he is a family and community specialist in Spain, where he continued to work as physician specialist in family medicine, emergency physician in the public sector.

His experience at Mirebalais Hospital University to teach the emergency program for emergency specialist physicians gave him a large experience to embrace better the understanding to work in countries with middle and low income with equity.

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Stig MarthinsenStig Marthinsen


Stig has since graduation as Master of Management at the Norwegian School of Management, served over 30 years as professional within EU business, strategic management, business and policy development, EU innovation projects & digital business.

Throughout his career, Stig has worked at the intersection of business strategy, policy, research & innovation, both in the public and private sectors in Norway and at the heart of Europe. He has a profound interest in, and rich knowledge of, EU affairs & EU-projects which commenced when working for the European Commission from 1994 to 2001. From April 2014 to August 2022 Stig headed the Agder County Municipality’s European Office and the South Norway European Office. He has been the project leader of the Periscope Blue Growth Network in the North Sea Region from 2017-2021 and board member of the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) and the Grimstad Chamber of Commerce in Norway, in which he is still serving.

Since 2017 Stig has worked with players active in regional energy- and decarbonisation initiatives across Europe. Based on his network and the European energy transition insight, he offers expertise and connections linked to hydrogen, offshore wind & batteries.

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