Local Economic Development, Natural Resources and Renewables, Enterprise Development and Business & Innovation Clusters

Andrew is an economic and sustainable development practitioner with over 15 years of experience in natural resources development (mining, mineral exploration, renewable energy, environmental and water developments), economic and social infrastructure, and planning.

Presently, Andrew works with an Irish municipality in economic development and business advisory. In recent years, he held consultancy roles as Business Development Manager for a Government-backed export cluster focused on mining, environmental developments and civil infrastructure; as Executive Secretary to the Irish Mining & Quarrying Society and as Project Manager for a European Commission (DG Grow) funded project focused on renewable (geothermal) energy. Andrew drove the internationalisation of the Irish expertise in these sectors with a primary export focus on Europe, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas.

Underpinning several aspects of Andrew’s activities in recent years is supporting technical and scientific-focused businesses in winning business overseas; research, development and innovation (RDI); and developing company and sector capacity. He published a guidance document for enterprise cluster development and has hosted several workshops and seminars (domestically and overseas) in developing enterprise ecosystems.

Andrew holds a BA in Economics, Finance and Geography; an MSc in Sustainable Development and is undertaking a Post Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise Development at Trinity College, Dublin.

He is an advocate for building skills and capacity in businesses and sectors; he assisted in the delivery of an apprenticeship focused on mining and drilling, and continues to do so with respect to regional employment and skills challenges in Ireland.

andrew gaynor