Milan is a Slovenian National now living between Slovenia and Belgrade, Serbia. He continues to work as an advisor and consultant representing businesses in Slovenia; Croatia; Serbia; Kosovo; Macedonia and other Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries.

He has more than 40 years working mainly engaged in ITC Business Development and Sales in the Public Sector. He was one of the first successful Slovenian private Entrepreneurs and one of the Internet pioneers in his country through his own company KIVI d.o.o which was established in 1989. He continues to be engaged as a key advisor in this family-owned business, now managed on day-to-day basis by his son and daughter.

Milan did significant business in Germany in 1999/2000 working mainly on Y2K projects. He was also involved as Business Intelligence Officer and in Crisis Management in Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and the Baltic region.

In 2000 he established his own office in Belgrade and has worked for various Slovenian and other European and International Companies in Business Development; Sales Support; Human Resource Management and Crisis Management.

In 2008 he became Sales Director for Siemens IT Solutions and Services in the Public Sector for the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Region working from their corporate offices in Vienna, Austria. In recent years, he has used this experience to work successfully as an Advisor/Consultant for various companies in this region and on behalf of other European firms including those from Ireland.

He has extensive contacts within the various Ministries and key regional private companies along with in-depth knowledge of EC and other IFI funding activities.

Milan has a deep understanding of all aspects in Central and Eastern Europe, from Political, Historical, Cultural and Economic perspectives, which has been pivotal to his success in this region and importantly he is also fluent in mainly of the regional languages.

He is a Graduate of the Electro Technical University, Slovenia.