Business, Commercial, Strategy and Operations

Ioannis is a Global Business Consultant with 25 years’ commercial, strategy, business, technical, negotiation and operational experience in engineering related business.

Is proficient in English.

Has established JV(Joint Venture)/SVC (Special Purpose Company – Vehicle/Startup companies) , managed their P&L and grown their business internationally. He has implemented complex multimillion Euro technology-led projects of managed services both for the private and public sectors by employing, establishing, leading, mentoring and developing multicultural and multifunctional workforces globally.

He has considerable experience in International Tendering and Bidding processes and has submitted viable complex IT/Engineering/Service/Product project proposals. He also implemented these successfully giving profitable results and further new business potential, satisfying both customers and stakeholders.

Ionnis is a proven and experienced problem solver showing both analytical and innovation skills, resulting in Customer respect and loyalty. He has assisted companies to expand, reduce risks, increase customer satisfaction, control costs and maximise profit margins resulting in achievement of financial and business targets.

Has a successful track record in establishing and managing companies with a turnover in excess of €1bn sectors such as IT/Telecom/Manufacturing/Gaming/Energy in Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

In 2015 Ionnis was elected to the PGRI Gaming Industry Hall of Fame (USA) for his inspiring leadership, innovative business development, change management and efficiency.

Ionnis holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Engineering and Telecoms Engineering from Sheffield University and a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in Bio Engineering and Biomedical Engineering from Strathclyde University.