Japanese Trade and Renewables

Hugh has an early background in Telecommunications but has operated in the field of International Commerce, specifically Japan since 1980. Over the years he has worked on a cross-section of fields to include telecoms, IT, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace and Renewable Energy.

During the early 1990s he was retained by the Northern Ireland Development Board For a two-year period, on the promotion of business between Northern Ireland and Japan.

Also, during the late 1990s he was retained by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries [MHI] on the development of Joint Ventures in the Scotland, Northern Ireland and Bulgaria.

Hugh also worked with MHI in the USA during the 2000s where he developed a network of clients for their Wind Turbines.

For the period 2005 to 2012 Hugh was Director, Japan, for the Asia Trade Forum.

Hugh is focussed on facilitating Inward Investment from Japanese / Asian Funds in the Renewable Energy Sector, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Food and Acquisitions.