International Public Health, Emergency and Family Doctor

Haitian of origin, Mario has been working and evolving for more than 15 years in the Spanish national health system after finishing the master’s degrees and medical specialties. His enthusiasm and his continuous desire to know make him someone in constant search of knowledge.

Based in Andalusia, Spain, Mario works in the Andalusian health system not only as a family doctor, emergency doctor, but also has his own private practice where he cares with compassion for diseases difficult to treat with conventional medicine such as fibromyalgia. , migraine, painful neuropathies, chronic pain, etc…;

Great passion for traditional medicine pushes him to learn enormously towards phytotherapy, which makes him an expert after more than 10 years of investigation and treatment of his patients with cannabinoids for medical use.

Mario first started in 2005 in Hospital Notre Dame of Petit goave Haiti, Cardinal Leger´s Hospital as physician voluntary for leprosy patients. He holds a Master Degree in International Public Health, a Master Degree in Emergency, and he is a family and community specialist in Spain, where he continued to work as physician specialist in family medicine, emergency physician in the public sector.

His experience at Mirebalais Hospital University to teach the emergency program for emergency specialist physicians gave him a large experience to embrace better the understanding to work in countries with middle and low income with equity.