Mr. Zondetsa is a Strategic Management and Programme Development Expert with more than 25 years of impeccable hands-on experience in building capacities, skills, and technical knowhow of international NGOs; private sector companies; non-state actors; Civil Society Organizations; Community Based Organizations and support groups in: resource mobilization, strategic management, and accountabilities. Equipped with high-end strategic planning and management skills and competencies, I have facilitated institutional and programmatic growth of my clients through tailored-technical assistance, advisories, research, and institutionalization of operational frameworks. My work experience, skills and knowledge, competencies and technical know-how equip me to productively and effectively work with institutions, organizations, and communities to develop preventive and responsive strategies, approaches and interventions that successfully address the structural, geo-political and socio-economic challenges to programme development, leadership, and governance.

His expertise is in Business Development; Strategic Planning and Management; Programme Development and Management; Adolescents and Youth Programming; Resource Mobilization; Organizational Development and Capacity Building; Gender; Leadership, Management and Governance; Research; Policy Analysis; Partnership Building and Networking; Advocacy; Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning 

Mr. Zondetsa’s qualifications are:

  • Master Degree of Business Administration, Management College of Southern Africa-2012
  • Bachelors Degree of Social Science; Economics and Demography, Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, 1994
  • Post Graduate Diploma; Leadership and Management in Development, MEASURE Evaluation-USAID, Management Sciences for Health, (Leadership, Management and Governance Programme), Kenya 2012.
  • University Certificate of Social and Organizational Change; Chancellor College of the University of Malawi, 1993.
  • Professional Certificate; Results Based Management and Strategic Planning, Nairobi, Kenya 2011
  • Professional Certificate; High Performance Team Development in Programing; Nairobi, Kenya 2011.
  • Professional Certificate; Results Based Management, CIDA-CPAR, Lilongwe Malawi, 1999
  • Professional Certificate; Participatory Rural Appraisals, CPAR, Malawi, 1998
  • He is fluent in Chchewa, Shona, Tumbuka and English and can communicate in French, Portuguese, and Swahili

Mr. Zondetsa is a Freelance Consultant hired by different clients to work on; Business Development; Peace, Conflict Resolution and Security; Strategic Planning and Management; Organizational Development and Capacity Building; Adolescents and Youth programming; Sexual Reproductive Health Rights; Policy Analysis; Leadership, Management and Governance; Health Systems Strengthening; Programme Development and Management; Partnership Building and Networking; Marketing and Advocacy.  He is ConsultingIreland Network Partner in Malawi.

Leonard Zondetsa