Renewables and Food Processing

Living in Northern Ireland, Michael has over 30 years Lean Operations and International Economic Development expertise.

Experienced in working in challenging environments eg. Central Europe, Baltic States, Turkey, Uganda, Malawi as well as Ireland and UK in a post Brexit era.

Michael has worked on various EBRD, USAID and World Bank private sector and renewable energy projects.

He has championed and established revolutionary RMIP concept: off-grid Rural Microgeneration Industrial Parks in the resource rich, but power deserts of rural Africa. ring Has secured funding packages from basket of African Development Bank(AfDB)  low interest Green Loans plus grants from Power Africa, DFID (UK) and NEFCO (Nordic Council) donors.

Experienced in food processing, fabrication, heavy manufacturing, OSC/POD construction, renewables, to project management.

Regular keynote Guest Speaker at various European Collaborative Network events in Rome, Riga, Dublin, Poznan, Trabzon and Nicosia.

Comfortable facilitating Senior Management teams collaborate, on more intricate and specialist technical issues.

Proficient assessing and absorbing large and complex data streams. Moving beyond first right answer with certain decisiveness to deliver more innovative, and sustainable solutions.

Strong advocate working alongside local Universities. Provide R&D facilities for SME product innovation, progressive SMEs offer graduate employment in return

Institutionalising Graduate Management Teams delivers energy and professionalism to traditional family business, thereby achieving long term survival. Michael personally developed his 7C’s SME Export Model internationally: Latvia, Poland, Moldova, Turkey, and Cyprus.

Michael studied Chemical Engineering at Queens University, Belfast. Holds Master’s in Food Marketing from University College Wales, Aberystwyth.