Italian Trade and BSO engagement

Marco, an Italian National, has more than 20 years professional experience, working in both the public and private sectors in Italy and helping develop international global trade markets for his clients.

He works closely with Italian SMEs throughout major regional centres e.g. Rome, Naples, Milan and Bologna. He continues to manage International co-operation projects across key sectors such as Agri-Food, ICT, Trade, Energy, Healthcare etc, organising Trade Missions and Exhibitions abroad, sponsored and promoted by (a) the Italian Government, (b) various regional Italian Chambers of Commerce and (c) Private Industry.

He was appointed as an Italian representative for the World Bank’s Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) promoting the engagement of Italian organisations on the IFIs global programmes. He held this position for a number of years interacting with this International Funding Institution (IFI) and the other National Business Support Agencies throughout Europe and further afield.

Marco has a strong track record in developing Italian MSME activities in these international markets, import and export, innovation, technological transfer, access to finance, international tendering and procurement.  He has helped organisations and clients to develope business in foreign territories such as Former Soviet Union, Balkans, EC member States, UK, MENA, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong.

He is currently engaged as a Senior Advisor in a large public sector project aimed at encouraging the use of online digital export technology among Italian SMEs.

His company currently manages the International Departments of a number of Italian privately-owned companies, helping them to grow and expand Globally.