Business Strategy Expert

Professional with over 15 years’ experience in conception, design, management and monitoring of private sector and international development projects, with working knowledge of the European and African regions.

Professional International Consultant – 2016–2022
2022 Meta (formerly known as Facebook)
Project: Meta – Lab VR for AMET Regions (5 Months)
Delivery: Lead a series of interviews and socio-economic research targeting
the AMET diaspora mainly based in Europe involved with and using
VR technologies either in a professional or personal setting. The
goal was to produce a guiding paper to support Meta´s engagement
strategy with the AMET Diaspora.
Project: AfriLabs Capacity Building Programme (ACBP) funded by
the French Development Agency (AFD)
Delivery: Different modules were developed and 400 African innovators, SME´s
and Startups were successfully trained and coached over a period of 9
Months. The provided contents (tools box) helped Afrilabs to launch an
E.learning platform.
2022 ADEPT, Africa-Europa Diaspora Development Platform
Project: Funds mobilisations strategy. (3 Months)
Delivery: Develop and Lead a resource mobilization campaign for the Organization.
Which enabled them to get 5 new key funding partners at the
European level. Ultimatly, it help them to diversify the nature of funds.
2021–2022 Defence Ministry Austria
Project: Intercultural language training.
Delivery: Visiting speaker and coach in the framework of seminars about Africa.
It helps to train about 50 (officers and soldiers) to better understanding
the different aspect of the social, political and economic situation of
their country of intervention
2021–2022 United Nation Industry Development Organization
Project: Investment for new career opportunities in Senegal – INOE
(6 Months)
Delivery: Provide training and coaching on branding, logistics and E.commerce
for 150 NGOs and SMEs mainly led by women in Casamance to foster
their access to market, develop local economy and enhance livelihood.
2019–2021 African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe – UNIDO & AUC
Project: Diaspora Innovation Days (18 Months)
Delivery: An innovative business support mechanism (through meetings and
gathering in Ethiopia and Nigeria) was set-up. This enabled above 30
European based entrepreneurs to get access to African businesses,
new markets and ecosystems, to promote their businesses and to
facilitate and develop their activities in Africa.
2019–2020 Austrian Chancellery and foreign Ministry
Project: Africa-Europe High Level Forum in Europe (3 Months)
Delivery: Business to business & business to government meetings and policy
document to foster conducive policies for the development of startups
and their fundings. The 200 Startups and SME’S were informed and
trained about how AU & EU business relationship can be strengthened.
2017–2018 African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe – UNIDO &
Project: Annual Forum on Entrepreneurship for Youth in the Diaspora
Delivery: An annual business forum was developed to enhance African Diaspora
SMEs based in Europe to get access to quality trainings, to overcome
business creation barriers (enhance market positioning and facilitating
access to finance) while increasing their access to the African market
which enable them.
2016 International Center for Migration Policy Development
Project: Link Up! – Enabling Diaspora Entrepreneurship in Austria
(3 Months)
Delivery: Comprehensive data was collected and used to assess the need for
support of Diaspora Entrepreneurs. This research project enabled
ICMPD to be funded and to develop projects to support migrant entrepreneurship
in Austria.
Additional Professional Experience
2013–2015 Mande Masa boutique, Vienna
Project: African Shop Management – African Products and services
Delivery: Manager and owner
2013–2014 African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe
Project: Creation of a Cluster of African Diaspora entrepreneurs in
Europe – need assessment – Mapping
Delivery: The Organization was launched and well structured successfully.
2007–2010 Ecobank – Mali
Project: Portfolio Manager
Delivery: Private banking and International Organizations account manager
School Career and Further Education
2020–2022 WU Executive Academy – the business school of the
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Master of Business Administration, MBA:
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2012–2013 University of Vienna, Magister (master of arts)
2012 Cambridge Institute, English Certificate (18 Months)
2011 University of Vienna German Certificate (12 Months)
2006–2007 University of Economics & Business Administration, Mali
Degree: Master 1 of Business Management
2003–2006 University of Economics & Business Administration, Mali
Degree: Bachelor in Business Management
Certification with Ant Group & IFC:
2023 Sustainable Finance & Green Fintech Expert
Deep dive on Green Financial products & Services
2023 Fintech Expert Program Flex – BASIC
Deep dive on BasicTechs –