International Trade and Development

Barbara Walsh is a dynamic leader with over a decade of experience in international trade and development, particularly in driving SME growth and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). She is a leading provider of export-focused consulting services, helping SMEs overcome the unique challenges of international trade. Barbara’s expertise lies in developing customised solutions that enable SMEs to navigate complex global markets, unlock growth opportunities, and maximize their potential.

As a seasoned professional, Barbara has successfully led early-stage businesses and transformed operations in mature enterprises. Her multifaceted skill set encompasses market access, finance, operations, sales, marketing, and new product development, allowing her to create compelling visions that drive substantial P&L growth and measurable ROI outcomes.  With a strong focus on Female Entrepreneurship and green initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) she excels in crafting data-driven marketing strategies and optimizing operational efficiency, always focusing on unlocking the potential of her teams to achieve exceptional results.

Barbara thrives in complex business scenarios and has a track record of developing ground-breaking market-engagement strategies that align with the objectives of prominent companies. She is an inspiring leader who excels in setting strategic direction, fostering a collaborative culture, and building high-performing teams. With a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities, she consistently delivers value by forging partnerships based on respect and trust.

Barbara holds

  • Master’s degree in International Trade from IE School of Public Affairs, Madrid, Spain
  • Master of Science in International Business, UCD Smurfit Business School in Dublin, Ireland
  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Economics from the National University of Ireland in Galway.


Her extensive experience, collaborative approach, and agile strategic thinking make her a trusted partner for achieving growth, expansion, and diversification in highly competitive global markets.

With expertise spanning the Middle East, India, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, and Oceania, Barbara has consistently delivered impactful results and pioneered innovative strategies to disrupt traditional commercial frameworks.