Galenic Pharmacy

Olivier is a specialist in Galenic Pharmacy. His professional activity is linked to the development and production of spherical dosage forms.
He worked at the Laboratory of Galenic Pharmacy, Pharmacotechnics and Biopharmacy of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier in France, where he acquired long experience and expertise in the field of spheroid formulation and industrial transposition.
Olivier has been the production manager of the Michel Iderne Group for over 30 years, for which he managed production and participated in the creation of registration files for various formulas in France and abroad.
Olivier is also a shareholder of GHS and director of production for the group.
He is directly responsible for the formulation, manufacturing process and quality control of the company’s products according to the patented Microspheres process.
Olivier is co-author of several French and foreign patents relating to microspheres, most recently based on CBD.