Paris Chambers Training

ConsultingIreland had previously worked with the Paris Chambers with its 600k membership. The initial engagement with the French Chambers was on an EC funded project on Smart Cities. CI had presented to an audience of French and International attendees at the Paris conference. Subsequent to this, Consulting Ireland was funded by the Chamber to provide training and mentoring to a select group of Paris Chamber Members. Some of the participants had prior international experience, but CI was able to develop and suggest additional practical advice on winning international business particularly in the emerging economies and the non-Francophone countries. Some of the discussion related to developing partnerships and identification of opportunities within their sector and expertise. ConsultingIreland also reviewed some of the participants previous failed proposal as part of our CI Tender Review Service. The Participants were later informed of the key observation and failing and suggestions re improvements were subsequently forwarded with follow-up facilitation for the group’.