PPACT – EU Funded

This was a 2-year funded project by the European Commission. Under this Competitive Opportunities for SMEs (COSME), ConsultingIreland was a consortium member along with, Government of Catalonia, Spain, Paris Chambers, France, Venice Regional Chamber, Italy and the University of Bangor in Wales.

The objective of this programme entitled ‘Public Procurement and Cross-Border Tendering’ (PPACT) was to help SMEs across the EC 28 countries to partner up and bid on opportunities within the bloc. The focus of the project was ‘Smart City’ opportunities. ConsultingIreland role was to show the practical elements in partnering and developing bidding consortia. ConsultingIreland presented at planned events by the consortium members and to numerous companies in France, Spain and UK as well as major ‘Smart Cities’ conferences in Paris and Barcelona