Winning International business – 15th March 2022 – Dublin Airport Centre

A practical approach to Private and Public Sector opportunities

ConsultingIreland welcomes you to our first event since the start of the COVID19 pandemic.  This event, ‘Winning International Business – a practical approach to Private and Public Sector opportunities’ - will be held on Tuesday 15th March 2022 in Dublin Airport Centre and hosted by DAA International (

Since our establishment in 2010 we have championed a global and inclusive approach both engaging and working with a range of partners including, National and Regional Governments, Foreign Embassies (particularly in Dublin and London), International Chambers, various Business Support Organisations and Internationally-active private companies.

We will continue to strengthen these international links and our international partners will be key in presenting those various opportunities, market intelligence, valuable market contacts and relevant country reports.

ConsultingIreland has now established a network of in-country contacts dedicated to promoting deeper links with ConsultingIreland and client organisations while also promoting a two-way flow of business.

ConsultingIreland – with the support of Enterprise Ireland – initially focussed on the circa 200,000 daily projects funded by the likes of the EC, World Bank, UN, EBRD, EIB and other Public Sector opportunities financed by various National and Regional Governments.

We are now expanding that focus to include Private Sector Trade opportunities to target the myriad of opportunities and deliver international services, goods and infrastructure across a range of sectors including, Agri/Food, Construction, Energy, Environment, Education, Fintech, Health, ICT, Tourism, Transport. 

During the morning event we will also touch on the immediate opportunities for Irish firms Post COVID19 and resulting from BREXIT. Some of these opportunities are already featured on our website in summary format. As part of the upcoming event, we will go into more detail on how to identify these Public and Private sector opportunities and importantly how to participate.

There will also be a number of short presentation by organisations on their international experiences.

ConsultingIreland is committed to supporting companies and organisations to adapt ‘best practice’, develop appropriate market-entry strategies, building international partnerships and submitting winning proposals. This will also include an outline of our available training and mentoring packages to help organisations be more successful in international markets. All this will be based on the practical experiences and expertise within ConsultingIreland and attendees will have an opportunity to seek answers to their particular situation and current market participation.

 Participation is free but we are particularly keen to have companies that will engage with the process, our international partners and their companies.

Parking for attendees will be provided and teas, coffees and pastries will be available on arrival.

We will send on more details, including our final Agenda, to confirmed attendees.

If interested, please confirm your attendance