Winning Results: A Tender Review Case Study

Client Profile

The client, a diverse range of businesses aspiring to expand their market reach globally, sought to improve their tendering skills to enhance their prospects of winning international public contracts beyond their national borders. This included companies new to tendering, those with moderate experience but a poor track record, and successful businesses aiming for larger contracts than previously secured.

Challenges Faced

Many businesses face challenges when venturing into international tendering. The complexities of unfamiliar procurement processes, varied cultural expectations, and stringent competition often result in unsuccessful bid submissions. The client, having experienced previous setbacks, recognised the need for expert assistance to refine their tendering strategies.

ConsultingIreland's Intervention

The client engaged ConsultingIreland confidential and impartial Tender Review Services to comprehensively assess their tender submissions. The goal was to identify weaknesses, provide constructive feedback, and offer actionable insights to enhance future bids. The service aimed to bridge the knowledge gap for newcomers, refine strategies for those with moderate experience, and guide successful companies targeting larger contracts.

Tender Review Process

Confidential Submission Analysis:

  • The Tender Review Service conducted a thorough analysis of the client's previous unsuccessful tender submissions.
  • Identified specific areas of weakness, ranging from documentation errors to strategic oversights. 

Bespoke Tender Review Report:

  • A tailored Tender Review Report was created, outlining strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Provided a detailed breakdown of each section of the tender, offering precise recommendations for enhancement.

Lessons Learned from Unsuccessful Bids:

  • Extracted valuable lessons from unsuccessful bids, highlighting critical mistakes and recommending corrective actions.
  • Emphasised the importance of adaptability and continuous improvement in the tendering process.

Overview of Common Pitfalls

The Tender Review Service incorporated an overview of common pitfalls to educate clients on industry best practices:

  • Inadequate Research: Highlighted the necessity of comprehensive market and client research to tailor submissions to specific requirements.
  • Overlooking Cultural Nuances: Emphasised the significance of understanding cultural expectations in international tenders to enhance communication and relationship-building.
  • Lack of Scalability: Advised on strategies to scale operations and capabilities in preparation for larger contracts.


The client benefitted from:

  • A clear understanding of the shortcomings in their previous submissions.
  • Actionable insights to improve tendering strategies and documentation.
  • Enhanced confidence and competence in pursuing international contracts.


ConsultingIreland Tender Review Services not only addressed past failures but equipped the client with the knowledge and skills required to navigate international tendering successfully. The lessons learned and strategic recommendations positioned the client for improved competitiveness and increased success in future endeavours.

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